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Gods of Chaos — SF Control — 2017

Resurrection Child — Dark Continents — 2012 (out of print) / rerelease TKDBooks.

Rage Bk1 — Triskaideka Books — 2012 (out of print — updated version in the works)

The Armageddon Shadow — Panic Press 2011 (new version 2012 from Triskaideka Books)

in darkness we play Triskaideka Books 2010. 5 authors: Lori R. Lopez, E. A. Irwin, Lee Pletzers, John Irvine, Aline S. Iniestra (out of print)

The Game — (TKDBooks / Paperback/) Triskaideka Books June 2010

The Last Church — BBS Press September 2009 / Re-Released by Triskaideka Books 2010

Bloodline — Writers Press LTD (out of print)


No Rebound Weight Loss Triskaideka Books (September 1, 2017)
How to write a book – with pics and how to actually outline with examples and pics (coming soon)

Editing roles:
Sinisteria Magazine: short stories edited, cleaned up
Three novels edited, one Australian, two American
Book Translation editor for Misako Middleton in Japan.

Edited Anthologies:
Masters of Horror: Damned if you Don’t 2011
Masters of Horror: The Anthology 2010 Out of Print
Demons and Shadows 1 (SPX Press release date: 2003) Out of print
Demons and Shadows 2 SPX Press Unreleased
Embark to Madness (Coscom entertainment 2005) Copies may still be available. Highly unlikely.

Think Visually — issue 19 House of Horror
When the publisher crashes — e-book world magazine UK (2012)


(Sorry, this is not a complete list. I lost track of some before I got organised and then I lost track again. If you find something not listed here, please let me know. As you know I write horror, but at times I write SF, and at other times, I blend both together. However, I wanted to separate the pure SF tales from my horror line-up and doing an odd online name search, I came up with Lee Pletzers. I like the name Lee, so I kept it. Pletzers, I think,  is Dutch. Over time, I will convert most of these titles under my name. Not all.)

David and Toni — Petrified Punks Anthology, Oscillate Wildly Press AU (2018)

City of the Dead — Raging River Press (2017)

The Dark Fox — TKDBooks (singles) NZL (2017)

MindFeeders — Anemone Enemy Anthology Oscillate Wildly Press (2017)

Bio-Virus – Nebula Rift 2015 Vol 3 No. 9 (written under the pen name: Lee Pletzers)

Ellen – Triskaideka Single release

Cracked — TKDBooks Singles release

Quincy’s — Triskaideka Single release

Of Machines and Men — Nebula Rift 2015 Vol. 03 No. 05 (written under the pen name: Lee Pletzers)

The Thin You — Under the Bed 2015 Vol. 03 No. 10.

Reset — Nebula Rift 2015 Vol. 03 No. 01 (written under the pen name: Lee Pletzers)

Saving Kira — SFReader (1st place winner short story contest) (Update: Site Gone) (written under the pen name: Lee Pletzers)

The Factory — Calamities Press 2015 Read for free online. (Update; Gone).

An Exercise in White — Teeming Terrors 2015 (written under the pen name: Lee Pletzers)

Two Coins — Paying the Ferryman anthology by Charon Coin Press 2015 Not linked as the publisher never paid any of the authors.

Two Kinds of Animal — The Literary Hatchet 2014 (page 134) Issue 10. PDF is free to read. (written under the pen name: Lee Pletzers)

Single-minded Focus — Fragments of Fear UK TV Show 2014. This link goes to the spotlight page. I will update when the video/ TS show is online.

The Sixes (reprint) — Fragments of Fear UK TV Show 2014. This link goes to the spotlight page. I will update when the video/ TS show is online.

Not as it seems — These vampires still don’t sparkle 2014 (written under the pen name: Lee Pletzers)

SARAH — Bellator 2014 (written under the pen name: Lee Pletzers)

Water — Disquiet 2014

The East Riders — DemiGods Board Game 2013 (commissioned story)

Ellen — The Horror Society 2013 They published the story and I never got my payment of a free copy.  I hate it when publishers and editors don’t follow through with contract promises. Fuckers. (reviewer quote: Hand it to author Richard Lee: he’s not afraid to examine the outermost regions of human depravity and still make the story literate and involving enough not to be exploitative. Recommended – but again, with caution: This is horror cooked rare with the blood dripping from the plate… If you’re a drinker, you may want to pour yourself a stiff one before plunging in.)

Rage — Triskaideka Books 2012

Teeth — Triskaideka Books 2012

Email to Mother — Kizuna: Fiction for Japan 2011 (no longer available but you can read my short story here)

Queen of the Dogs — I Believe in Werewolves 2011

For Flesh — DEADication 2011

Theatre of Pain — House of Horror (issue 17 and Best of 2010 Anthology) 2010

God Denied — The Fringe magazine 2010 No longer available

The In-Between World — Bloody Carnival Pill Hill Press 2010

(AKA Day of the Zombie) He iwi tahi tatou — Zombidays: Festivities of the Flesheaters 2010

The Cold — Cold Flesh Antho Hellbound books July 05 Unavailable. Read my story here.

Teeth — Masters of Horror: The Anthology 2010

Introduction to Dead Bells Anthology edited by Jodi Lee 2010

Trickery Dances — podcast by ShadowedCast. Release date 2009

The New Slayer — Vampology 09/10

The Zombie Virus — Zombonauts 2009 / rerelease TKDBooks.

Final Letter — Letters from the Dead 2009

Luki — 69 Flavors of Paranoia August 2009 Issue #1 (And best of 2010 anthology)

Genetic Coding — War Wolves 2009

Synn — Sonar4 Magazine 2009 From the Mouth Antho

The Pretender — For the Love of Monsters

Shadows — Morpheus Tales #6 (2009)

Shadow Lands — Yellow Mama (June 15 2009)

The Last Watcher — Arkham Tales 2008 – release: issue 4 2009. Rerelease TKDBooks

The Pretender — Issue Three? The Monsters Next Door 2008 (writing as Jonathon Cobolt) Read for free.

A splash of Red — Little Red Riding Hood Anthology 2008 (09 release) AKA: Straying from the path No longer available. Get it here (kickass werewolf / little red riding hood story. You will love it.)

Santa (reprint) — Twisted Twins 2008

Red Wings, Black Wings — The Open Vein 2008 issue 3

Momma’s Boy — Neonbeam 2007

Tainted Heaven — Naked Snake Press 2007

I just wanna go Home — Alone in the Dark Anthology 2007 (reprint) Darkened Dreams Press. 2008

Character Attack — A Cruel World March / April 2006.

The Fountain of Youth — Dead Men Walking anthology, Bards and Sages press, 2006.

Red moon — Vintage Moon anthology TBR

The Sixes — Thirteen Magazine UK 2005 (Winner October Issue 05)

Santa — Winner of Horror World December Flash 2004

Christmas Soldier — Deathbus E- Zine December 2004 Issue.

The Cold — Cold Flesh Antho Hellbound books July 05

The Long Wait — ChimeraWorld 2 Chimericana Books

The Three Sixes — Hades 0.7 June issue 04

Deep South — Scared Naked magazine June Issue 04

With the dammed — Scrybe Press (March 2004)

Something not quite right — Nevermore online magazine

How it Comes — Lost souls online website

The Boy — Small Bites Anthology for Charles Grant.

Dogs — Raging Horrormones (Coscom Entertainment) 2004 release

three seven three — THWN: New voices in horror

Staring at the Sun — Parastorium Terrors Within

I just wanna go home — Cyberpulp Halloween antho 2001


Nefarious — Soul Engravings.

Fear — Twisted Twins


The Fictioneers – Full member

SFFANZ — Member and Reviewer

SpecFicNZ member/core EST. 2009

AHWA Australian Horror Writers Association 2009 — present

New Zealand Rep International Order of Horror Professionals 2006

2004–2017 Creator of the web portal: Masters of Horror (Now defunct)

Editor / Articles / Reviewer of Sinistera Horror Magazine 2003, 2004

Shadows Awards — Short Story Awards Judge 2013 for AHWA.

Shadows Awards — Novel / Long Fiction Judge 2014 for AHWA

Shadows Awards — Novel, Long Fiction, Graphic Novels and Non-Fiction judge for 2015 for AHWA

Shadows Awards — Novel, long fiction, graphic novels judge for 2016 for AHWA

Shadow Awards — Long fiction. Graphic Novels, Non-Fiction 2017 for AHWA