Resources for Writers

This is intended as a growing page of stuff  I believe is good for writers.



D2D is amazing. Even if you don’t use their services, just upload you books, you can download an epub, mobi or pdf OR print-ready PDF for free. They are no style guidelines that you MUST adhere to, like Smashwords. All up, I believe D2D to be as superior as Amazon (for freedom of design), just they don’t see books as well. Wish they did. An extra outlet would be awesome. And YES, you can use D2D to upload to Amazon.




How to Punctuate, Use Tags, and Vary the Structure of Your Dialogue

23 Amazing Book Writing Tools That Every Writer Should Know

Free Graphics Resources for Authors




150 Resources to Help You Write Better, Faster, and More Persuasively


The Creative Penn Joanna Penn offers up hundreds of tips and pointers on writing, publishing, and book marketing.

From her site, I found this and thought i’d link to it for y’all:

Sell More Books Webinar Replay: How to Build your Email List and Reach Readers: Fantastic free webinar replay with Nick Stephenson on how to build your email list and reach readers