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Masters of Craft — Facebook group for all writers and readers. I created this group in 2010 as Masters of Horror. Now, it is Masters of Craft.

Richard Lee FB Page My home of facebook.

Richard Lee Twitter Page My more active twitter page.

Daily Motion Richard Lee is getting into a bit of video production. He still sucks at it but is improving little by little. It’s a hobby basically.


Hamish Downie Writer, Producer, Director of movies and more.


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Draft2Digital We’ll convert your Word document into an ebook with clean chapter breaks, a functioning table of contents, and optional endmatter to help you generate more sales. Want to print it? We can do that too. All for free. Excellent distribution. Better than Smashwords (sorry, but your style guide is a hindrance, D2D has no style guide, you layout as you want it published). Where can Draft2Digital distribute my books?

Barnes & Noble
Kobo (including Kobo Plus)
OverDrive (libraries)
Inktera (formally Page Foundry)


Basic Copyright Concepts for Writers — *Writers Write — The IWJ* (article)


Free Education — This free-education website was launched in late 1997. It was clearly a pioneering effort to bring free online courses and other learning resources to a global audience. But now it is time to expand the mission to include resources specially selected and presented for the new wave of self-directed lifelong learners


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